More about us


Whether you are an existing club member or just here out of interest, THANK YOU for your support and interest!


The most important thing about us, is how this volleyball club came about so here is a little background. My name is Megan Moenoa I grew up watching my older brother play high school volleyball for Long Beach Millikan and for a boy's club called "The LBC" (The influence behind our name). This is how my passion for the sport developed. I bothered my parents to let me play and eventually they allowed me to start playing at Whaley Park, right next to Long Beach State where my Grandparents had season passes to all of the Long Beach State Women’s Volleyball Games. Watching games in the pyramid is where I started to dream about being a college volleyball player. When I was 9 I wanted a more competitive atmosphere than park volleyball could offer me.  I tried out for Mizuno Long Beach. I played there until I was 18.  The things I learned there helped me in school, in college and I draw on my experiences for perspective constantly.


 I want to share with my community what Mizuno Long Beach gave me at 9 years old and continues to give me as an adult; Life lessons, support and most importantly the ability to believe in myself wholeheartedly.

This club is run by my family and the people that we consider to be family, who are deeply committed and rooted in the Long Beach Community.


Megan Moenoa