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2020/21 Tryout & Clinic Waiver

The LBC Volleyball Club

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Guardian Contact Information

My daughter (named above) has my permission to try out and / or participate in The LBC Volleyball Club events. I understand that The LBC Volleyball Club is an organization of competitive youth sport teams and that The LBC Volleyball Club [ in its sole judgement] may or may not invite my daughter to participate on one of its team or events. I understand that as my daughter's parent/guardian, I have the ability to accept or decline an invitation, should one be extended to my child. If I accept an invitation for my child to participate with The LBC Volleyball Club, I understand that there are many mandatory LBC Volleyball Club activities that my child must participate in and that there are associated costs that I will be responsible to pay. I understand that acceptance to join a LBC Beach Volleyball Club team constitutes acceptance of the responsibilities for both participation and payment.

WAIVER and RELEASE: I hereby indemnify, defend and hold harmless, The LBC Volleyball Club and its owners, agents, volunteers and coaches from any and all claims arising out of injury, accidents, or illness to my child - named above, while participating in any Club clinics, tryouts, training, practices, tournaments, Club events and activities as well as travel associated with Club Activities. I authorize the Club to act for me according to their best judgement in any emergency or other situations related to Club Activities requiring medical attention or discipline. My signature below constitutes consent to the applicability of the two preceding paragraphs for the duration of my child's participation with The LBC Volleyball Club.

Location: Outbreak 5555 W McFadden Ave. Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Tryout Dates/ Times

Make up tryouts will be held at our open gyms and age-group training sessions. Please email to arrange a make-up tryout

Thanks for submitting!

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